iFrogz Little Rockers Headphones

iFrogz Little Rockers

Before you have them in your hands, the iFrogz seemed the best for what it does to the style. I liked the old with a decorative metal band type design. But it was definitely smaller than expected when they arrived. I thought that the spheres would be closer in size compared to a burger than a macaroon, but seems that not.

Best price found: €19

The children iFrogz headphones are much smaller than others of the same type and it reminded me a little cheap headphones that came with the first walkman in the 1980s. But after judge to first seen, have proven that the sound was clear and is adjusted to a maximum safe for the ears.

In this sense we cannot speak much of the durability of the Little Rockers because we tried them for a few days, but for a modest price of less than 20 euros are certainly a good buy by what we have seen in aspects of sound.

Conclusion, opinions and recommendation

None of these headphones for children offers a sound quality compared with other models for adults, obviously. But we do not sincerely believe that no parent buy headphones so that their children have quality rather than because of safeguard your ears, this is better than in-ear. In addition, parents want some headphones children’s cheap because if they are not treated well not involving a very large loss. Indeed, those of this comparative you will withstand a few falls.

The best that we’ve seen, we believe that the Griffin MyPhone Crayola are the best choice. Are cheap, fits to many sizes of head and it better is that the children it can decorate to your taste. In addition, the sound quality is adapted to a sound class due to the protection of the volume they have.

Best price found: €19
Design plastic and thin material do you not feel that they are especially tough, but can withstand even a year of back and forth in the backpack. Even with all of this we believe that you are the safer option which makes hearing your children’s safety.