If You Deserve a Good Best AchuchóN That Is on a Mattress Designed for That

And precisely in order to achuchar was created Cuddle Mattress, mattress first around the world that allows that you and your partner can embrace you without barriers uncomfortable or painful cramps.

Yes, fall asleep hugging your partner is one of the most beautiful and romantic in the world, but romanticism disappears in no time when you feel a sharp pain in the arm that surrounds your partner or, worse still, not feel absolutely nothing and you have nightmares with amputated members. Cuddle Mattress is the answer that has come to solve these serious problems and other even more serious (related with loneliness and objective excuses for not giving hugs). A mattress with strategically placed openings to accommodate your arms and nothing to separate you.

When one converts their hobbies in work is guarantee that at least has strived to create the best product possible. Or ask to Mehdi Mojtabavi, the inventor of the Cuddle Mattress and a big fan of hugs as a couple.

It must be acknowledged that the idea is most ingenious: the mattress is divided into a number of slices or sections made of latex or foam viscoelastic. In this way you can sit upright and drop your limbs between the separations of the sections, which are soft, flexible and adapt to the time your body.

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