If Motorola Has Integrated an Ambient Light Sensor on Your Bike 360

Motorola still suspicious release of more information about your device star for this 2014, which is none other than your expected Smart Watch, the Bike 360, that gradually take shape by choosing well with who leaves photographed.

After waiting many, Google I/O 2014 left us their first steps on video and some other data about its release and price, but the guys at TechCrunch who could have been get more details on a touchdown in video with the smartwatch.

Everything you have seen on the bike 360 we liked, design classic with a round screen, Wireless charging, etc., although it had not transcended what served the lower black notch that has the clock on your screen, more than what was said by the manufacturer about hosting the display drivers.

Today we know that the minimarco also houses an ambient light sensor, detail important and ignored by Samsung and LG in putting together their smart clocks, which are unable to automatically adjust the brightness to show solvency to direct sun light.

Confirms this in the video a representative of the own Motorola, claiming that automatic adjustment of the brightness of the display will not only improve the representation conditioned to ambient light, but also the power consumption of the smartwatch.

We were already used to seeing this type of sensors on our phones, but implementing it in a smart watch is something that Motorola is targeted as a novelty, adding benefits to a clock that everyone expects eager.

While We look forward to your arrival, announced for this summer in which we are engaged, you can open mouth with these outlets contact Motorola prepares us with various media: