Ideas for Recycling Boxes

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If you usually eat corn flakes or your boys, you’ve had to pull many boxes of those likely. Why pull them if you can reuse them and also help the environment?

Today we bring you 5 great ideas so you can recycle your boxes of corn flakes, you’ll love them!

1 file for roles.

This file is handy, here can save sheets or roles, work, and that sort of thing, you only need boxes of cornflakes, the amount depends on the levels that you want to put your file, in this case have been used 3, you are going to paste boxes, one above the other, decorate with wrapping paper or whatever you like and you’re.

2 folder.

This idea you’ll love! Especially if you go to University or to your work and you need to take some papers, to have them organized and not you loss, is better to use a folder, look at how you can make one yourself with a box of cornflakes.

  1. 3.Organizer of pencils.This idea you can give the application you want, you can organize your pencils, markers, scissors or even your brushes of makeup etc.In this case we will not use a box of cornflakes but one shoe, suggested by, go to introduce rolls of toilet paper and ready!
  2. file for notebooks.Already you eh shown an idea to make a file, if this embargo is another style that you can use to put heavier things such as notebooks, because when standing, hold more.In this case you will use as many boxes as you like, gonna cut in diagonal manner, as shown in the picture, decorate to your preference, and you can already archive.
  3. organizer of details or garments.I love this last idea.He is an organizer for more tiny things.You are going to cut down from different boxes. The result will be several boxes in a rectangular shape, as you can see in the image, then you are going to organize what has cut into a drawer or another box, which can organize, garments, details, things work or whatever you want.

I hope you have liked these ideas to reuse your boxes!