Ideas for Dressing Well and Don’t Miss

Talk about looks for work on the history of women’s struggle for the conquest of labor, which reveals how it was possible to change society in many ways. Not just rights but in behaviour and, of course, in fashion.

Fashion follows the cries, the changes, the social achievements of each group. Although it is a slow process, it’s important because it features a historical context. For a long time, women were just “allowed” to use dresses or skirts.

With the achievements, the woman went on to adapt to suit your male parts, such as the blazer and pants. Today, when we think about looks for work, the pants are a fundamental element, as well as the suit or blazer.

In this article you will check special tips for looks more formal or more casual looks to work: how to wear a dress, skirt, pants, blouse, shirt and other social parts. Separate several Visual inspirations for your day to day come check it out!

Looks for work: essential tips for not to Miss!

The work may be a more formal environment or simply stripped – some companies have already adopted this style, including with beer at the end of the week-but one thing is certain: it’s where you spend most of your time. So perfect in visual is no sin, doesn’t it?

The work must be an environment that you feel good, you don’t start with the way of dressing? This is the first tip to not suck.

The second tip is: try to pass an image

The work must be an environment that you feel good, you don’t start with the way of dressing? This is the first tip to not suck.

The second tip is: try to pass an image that people recognize your style, but still can you feel safe and responsible. So as much as your work environment does not have a “dress code”, worth following common sense.

The third hint is: the way you dress speaks volumes to your respect. This may sound cliché, but the truth is that experts claim that respect in the workplace, start with the image, as strange and unfair as that may seem.

If you want to make a composite to your style, I’m sure it will have several options. If you have doubt than start wearing, if you are in a new job, you can start looking for your colleagues and have a base. Remembering that if you occupy a position of leadership, the style of your dress should be a bit more formal.

The fourth tip is: how will you dress depends on the work environment. There are more casual environments, other formal and other super formal. In this article you will confer various tips and inspirations!

Formal jobs

When we think of formal jobs are thinking about professional environments that are more demanding about the dress code, whether for work or even a requirement of the company.

Law firms is a classic example of formal work. It may not be your, but can be the same style of formality. Let’s take as a basis for our example. In an Office work lawyers, paralegals, receptionists, among others.

Usually it is an environment that requires formality of dress because that society has set, you will hardly find a law firm with a “dress code” stripped. Parts must be discreet and good finish.

In this type of work, cleavage should be avoided, as well as t-shirts. The fabrics must be flawless the blazer and shirts are great. Skirts and slacks are requested.

Attention: always well done and closed-toe shoes are essential. You can wear sandals, since they are more delicate and not casual.

Check now several formal jobs looks:

Social work formal shirt

The shirts are wildcard when we think about the work environment. In a more formal environment, no doubt, will be a piece that you can not miss in your wardrobe. Social shirts can be of various tissues and various models. Nowadays the brands are bringing modernity to visuals, betting on prints and modern models. Worth checking out.

Check out some very interesting visuals with social shirts!

Dress for formal work looks

The dresses can also be used in more formal professional environments. There are several gorgeous models and super stylish. You can use fairer models (which are the most common), but also can use something more fluffy, without losing the elegance.

To increase your visual, you can make a good combination with blazers, cardigans, tights, belts and other parts or accessories. To wear a dress in a more formal environment, avoid very flashy or colorful prints and also don’t forget that the neckline too deep may not be legal.

You can choose to use accessories that let your visual even more elegant. A classic example is, as you see in the photo above, he gave an “up” in the visual, which can still be augmented with the use of other accessories such as bracelets, watch, bijoux and purse.

Casual looks for work

If you go to a less formal work environment and still need to pass a certain seriousness, you probably need looks to work casual style options are diverse and different from what happens in formal work looks, you have more freedom and can print more your style.

Here, the style can be casual or casual chic, but it’s important to remember to keep common sense in looks for work, for without it you can end up making a mistake:leaving the image your escape, and as you saw earlier in this article, this can be dangerous when we are talking about the work environment.

In casual looks you can use stamped, social shirts, short sleeved shirt, knee-length dresses or a little above, blazers and, of course, abuse of the old and famous jeans. The jeans, no doubt is a great ally in casual work looks.