Icarus Illuminates XL  Is a 8 Inch Android Ebook Reader

Brightens XL is an ebook reader 8 inch operated by Google Android. Last month Icarus, the Dutch brand that distributes in Europe and the United States, the first specimens sent to reviewers who have financed the development on Indiegogo. Now comes the availability on Amazon and the like with price of 199 euros/dollars.

The Android ebook reader are a rarity sought after by fans. Make install third-party apps and enjoy the convenience of E-Ink panels (sovrailluminato and touch in this case) to read-as-books with Kindle App or Moon Reader Pro, news about Feedly, Manga and comics by comiXology. The problem is that end up being expensive and often outdated, just updated the software side and experimental anyway in all respects.

Icarus Illuminates XL uses Android 4.2, has a panel ePaper (not produced by E-Ink) from 1024 x 768 pixels, has a 2.8 Ah, 512 MB of RAM and a weight of 275 grams. Good size (200 x 145 x 9 mm), Dual Core CPU at 1 Ghz, up to 32 GB microSD slot and the audio jack. The company behind the hardware design is called Boyue, and is known in the industry for the Android ebook reader sold in China.

On the new model, there are no reviews from Amazon, but the MobileRead community has a dedicated thread with useful info, some videos and also criticisms of the lighting system not very homogeneous and the app store very functional (better install apk). The reviews are overall positive, but clearly remains a product for advanced users and informed about the strengths and weaknesses of these solutions. Those looking for a traditional ebook reader should look elsewhere.