Hugo Is Back in the New Game

The beloved screen Wizard Hugo is back in the game “Hugo the Troll Race”, which is a combination of the classic Hugo-style added action.

Hugo is once again ready again, and will try to live up to the success of Hugo Retro Mania, who at eight months is downloaded more than four million times.

The new game is called Hugo the Troll Race and combines the style of play which is known from Hugo Retro Mania with the popular autorun genre, also known from the Subway Surfers.

The game is designed specifically for iOS with an all-new 3D graphics.

Hugo must escape in his dandy horse, all the while he is by the enemies Afskylia, Don Croco and Mexi-Croco.

-“Last year, we launched the Hugo Retro Mania, and it has been exciting to see the players not just could remember Hugo, but also would with on his latest adventure. So we are sure that Hugo and his fans are ready for new experiences “tells Henry Mallet, CEO of Hugo Games a/s.

-“Hugo the Troll Race are our biggest bet so far. It is filled to the brim with exciting new features and is a true contemporary action game, “he continues.

Download Hugo Troll Race to the iPhone for six crowns in the App Store and iPad, it costs 18 dollars in the App Store.