Huawei Would Prepare his Entrance Into That of Laptops

It seems that the 2016 will be the year of the leap in PC World for some famous Chinese manufacturers. We have already spoken several times of the notebook that is working Xiaomi, and today is the turn of Huawei.

The latter should instead make a 2 in 1 Convertible—a tablet with detachable keyboard (we don’t know if more style Surface, or more style Surface Book), capable of launching both Android and Windows (again it is unclear whether it is dual boot, or if there will be two separate versions, with their OS).

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The only technical detail would be the use of a particular Intel chip inside, almost a foregone conclusion and that doesn’t add much to the picture of a product that still seems very nebulous. There is talk of a possible launch around the Mobile World Congress, but truthfully there seems a little early, whereas so far had not heard any voice on the subject, and that even today is rather vague; Anyway, we’ll see.