Huawei P9 & P9 Plus Officially Presented

The best Smartphonekamera of the world? There is all the information about the new flagship.

With the P8, the mate of S and the mate 8, Huawei has established itself in Europe. To fight at the top of the Smartphone manufacturer, the Chinese manufacturer there continues where he left off.The successor of the P8 is finally official, and brings an innovative camera.


Even if Richard Yu (Huawei CEO) has made effort, the P9 does not offer big differences to the P8.Nevertheless, it is a very nice Smartphone, because the housing is entirely made of aluminium and has become overall thinner. It is even thinner than the iPhone 6 s, to which Richard Yu draws some comparisons during the event. The device is a design from 2.5D-Glas and

aluminium in the aerospace industry. The edges are diamond-polished. A Deisgnaspekt to mention is the camera. It rises in the P9 is not out of the housing. Moreover, it seems also still significantly better than that of the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s. More on that there are camera further down under the item. The dimensions of the Smartphones are 70.9 mm in width, 145 mm in height and 6.95 millimeters in depth. The P9 acts like his predecessor simply and elegantly, as we are accustomed to from Huawei.

Technical data

The P9 is the Chinese company’s flagship Smartphone. Not only because it is the most compact smartphone under the Huawei devices with its 5.2-inch full HD display, but also because it has the most current top facilities. As a processor, the in-house HiSilicon Kirin comes 955 processor used, the up to 4 gigabytes of memory are available. The internal memory is 32 gigabytes and can be expanded via MicroSD card. Although the Smartphone is only 6,95 mm thin, Huawei has managed to build a 3,000 mAh powerful battery. In addition, we finally find a fingerprint sensor in a P-model. This is like all other models on the back. Software-Android 6.0.1 is installed Marshmallow. Moreover, Huawei sets its familiar user interface EMUI.


A major highlight of the Huawei P9 is the camera, or rather because it consists of the cameras, two lenses, which are at the heart of the module. They were by Leica and Huawei together developed and allow images with outstanding detail, should the user to shoot depths and colors. Users can choose between three Leica film modes: standard, vivid colors and soft gradient – depending on your personal preferences. The P9 uses focus technology Huawei also the hybrid and takes pictures fast, accurate and stable. The focus of the camera is based on three different methods – laser, calculation of depth and contrast – and automatically chooses the procedure, which promises the best result in the situation of the user. In addition, the camera of the P9 should enable a depth of field, seen previously only large DSLR cameras. The lens opening should be even manually adjustable and allow the user to situational customizing the depth of field.

The second model – P9 plus

Huawei also showed a larger Variant of the P9. Plus, it comes with a screen diagonal of 5.5 inch therefore and the P9 and has a so-called “press-touch display”. Simply put: a screen that can handle pressure signals in addition to the capacitive input of the finger. You are already by Apple, that market it under the name of 3D-Touch knows this. The same in green. The battery is bigger with 3,400 mAh and offers a quick charge function. There are otherwise no differences to the standard model.

Price & availability

The Huawei P9 is available from mid-April in Titanium Grey and mystic silver for EUR 569.-. The P9 plus is available from mid-May in Quartz Grey color for EUR 699.-.


An all around impressive device seems to be the P9. Strong performance, coupled with an attractive design are in a Smartphone of this class anyway duty and for several years more for the manufacturer are not a problem. What really innovative convincing is the camera. The details of Huawei can confirm in practical tests we actually assume the best Smartphone camera in the world. It was also nice that Huawei is the best in the Smartphone industry measures and even surpasses it. Also regards the camera Hubbel, the Huawei engineers about Apple just seem to break to laugh “Camera Bump”. Richard Yu presented some comparisons to the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S7 and once again made it clear that Huawei is a serious competitor. We can’t wait to take the P9 in the hand and test. What do you think of the new device?


These were the rumors to the Huawei P9

Last year, Huawei has given itself some serious trouble and alongside great wearables on display some interesting smart phones; the P8 was one of them. The flagship phone of the Chinese manufacturer offers elegance, productive features and a very reasonable price. Now we are nearing the release of the successor. How will the P9 differ from the P8? We have summarised all rumors to design, technical features and price for you.


Huawei-smartphones are just nice to look at, that is a fact. The P8 was already a feast and so also the P9 in the footsteps of his predecessor will occur. Apparently there will not be great innovations. It is also difficult for Huawei to develop the design. What should we improve great? The gel files images suggest on nothing else. There are small changes, such as the fingerprint sensor or the dual camera, which you can read more at the technical data. Overall, however, it appears to be no great change to the P8.

Now, you have to say that all Huawei top models look almost the same. But that doesn’t mean that they look bad. On the contrary, they act through the slim aluminium very precious and filigree. A fingerprint sensor, which is more than overdue at the P9 is now located on the back. Furthermore, the dual camera, as well as the dual-Flash on the back is to recognize. You need not also say much more to the design, because there are, it seems, nothing new.


Technical data

Here it looks different with changes. As a recently unearthed benchmark result shows, 955 Octacore SoC will be located in the new flagship of the in-house HiSilicon Kirin. The 5.2-inch display will continue to dissolve with full-HD (1920 x 1080). Those who know Huawei, know that Richard Yu (CEO) is not a fan of huge resolution rates.

Dual camera from Leica

An official tea image of Huawei P9 has now surfaced on the Internet. In this picture is clearly visible that we will see a dual-camera at the upcoming flagship. These will be recruited probably also as a great highlight. Such a camera has two lenses and allows you to shoot better photos than with a lens. A similar construction used the company already in the honor of 6 plus, however we assume at the P9 a drastic improvement in quality. The installed main cameras with Leica optics have a resolution of 12 megapixels.The video resolution is limited in full-HD UHD videos are not possible.

This year would you miss a strong hardware actual flagship and as it were a smaller mate 8 it make how it seems. The Smartphone on 6 April, which is also on the screen will be presented.

Faster than the Galaxy S7

With its Geekbenchergebnissen, the Samsung Galaxy S7 brought a significant performance boost as compared to its predecessor (single core: 1.873, multicore: 5.946 points). But the Huawei P9 processor will apply a new benchmark with his Kirin 950. The flagship of the Chinese should have reached 2.018 points in single-core and 7.313 in multi-core-score. However, you have to say in fairness also that these are not final results. Manufacturers test their devices under conditions that are often impossible in everyday life.Thus we are likely to be curious what the processors in the final versions of power will provide.

Four versions planned

According to VentureBeats. the next flagship will come in 4 versions on the market. There will be a cheaper Lite version and a larger Max model in addition to the standard model (P9). The 4th P9 device should represent a P9 with extra features.

The P9 is presented on April 6. We are curious to see whether to verify all gel files information and whether it maybe a or other positive surprise will be. Who wants to wait, can see the Huawei P8 there with cheap rates with us.