Huawei Is Fighting Against Third Place

At the end of the year did not know many Danes to Huawei, and just now they are fighting to become the world’s third largest supplier of smartphones.

As we walked from 2011 to 2012 was the most limited knowledge about Huawei, but already at the beginning of the year they made clear – 2012 was their year.

And 2012 looks to be a good year for Chinese Huawei. They are one of the five selected Windows Phone partners and it goes right now also really well for them on the Android platform.

It actually goes so well on the smartphone market, they have a chance to become the world’s third largest supplier of smartphones, their goal is to sell 60 million smartphones this year.

Out of the 60 million smartphones, so the 20 million units will be sold on the Chinese market. Huawei achieved in 2011 sales of 55 million phones, of which 20 million of these were smartphones – so the goal this year is to sell three times as many smartphones this year compared to last year, and a total of 100 million mobile phones.

The budget for marketing to primarily promotion of smartphones, according to our site should be at 200 million US dollars.