Huawei: Happy for Our Site Is on Board

Mobile manufacturer Huawei is pleased that our site has chosen to take their products in its range and it will benefit customers for good.

Are you mobile manufacturer and want to get in the “top-of-mind” by the Danish mobile customers, so you must be visible when one or more, of the four major operators.

Huawei has been working intensively in order to get shelf space at the tough Danish mobile market. This is now managed, and telecommunications company our site has chosen to give them a chance. A chance Huawei is pleased.

-“We are happy now also having our site with onboard. Our site has for many years sold the Huaweis network and broadband products, within our 4 g devices. But now we have also made agreement on sale of smartphones, the first of which will be the Ascend P1, “says Huawei Denmark to our site.

Things have gone heavily in Denmark during the last six months for the Chinese producer in which it, among other things, has managed to build a solid distribution channel, and created partnerships.

-“Cooperation with our site reminder us one step closer to the customers and gives us an even better interface to the Danish market,” concludes Huawei Denmark.

Thus it will certainly benefit customers, the producer now is visible at one of the large operators. The other operators are still pending on whether to take the Huawei in on their shelves.

Do you have interest in, to be a closer look at Huawei can you follow their Danish Facebook page, which just now is about ready.