HTC Withdraws in South Korea

Mobilprooducenten have realized that they cannot beat the competitor Samsung in South Korea and pulling out of the country.

HTC has been the competition to brand, and that means now, according to the website our site, to the pulling completely out of Samsung and LG’s home country of South Korea.

According to our site, however, it is after HTC’s own announcement to “streamline the business” and “it has been a tough decision”.

Telecommunications analysts are convinced, however, that the withdrawal instead handlers more about it despite several years of struggle as it has not yet managed to prevail on the market, HTC.

-“The Korean market is very difficult to be passed on, since it is governed by some very notable local producers in the form of LG, Pantech and Samsung,” said Mark Ranson from analyst house Ovum.

Mark Ranson believes that it is a good idea HTC withdraws in South Korea.

-“It’s only a few markets that is so locally-oriented such as South Korea, and that is why it is a good idea to bet on markets where the possibility of growth is greater,” he says.