HTC Vive -Price For Germany Unveiled [Update]

The HTC is one of the virtual reality goggles which were the most convincing Vive. The message that the product will not come this year on the market was so sad. The Taiwanese manufacturer would still take your time, to the end customer.

best possible experience to offer. This is at least the official opinion. Now the Vive there but finally more details about the release. It is expected to be available in the February 2016 and will be delivered in April.The new HTC Vive will of course be available with us. Since so keen on interesting offers.

But what about the price? HTC does not reveal unfortunately despite the announcement of pre-order for February 2016 always yet, how much should it cost the product. There could be several reasons for this. One reason for this would be that is still not sure of the manufacturer due to further ongoing work, how high the price is to be applied. It could also be a tactical maneuver. Maybe you want to wait until the competitor of Oculus has presented his glasses and put the price including.

HTC reveals price

Shortly before the start of the Mobile World Congress, HTC has announced the price of its VR glasses. The Vive will cost 799 U.S. dollar, which makes $200 more expensive than the direct competitor of oculus rift.In Germany, the glasses through customs duties and shipping will cost but more. Quite possible that the German fan must lay on the table of whopping €900 to the glasses, his own call to. However, you get also the full range. HTC’s Vive namely complete set comes out: two controllers and the laser boxes that can determine the position of the users are included In the package.

Update: In the context of the MWC a price has been posted already of $ 799. However, this price not in Europe will have taken over, how many already suspected. Since the HTC Vive preorder now officially in Germany is, we know how much it will cost the advanced VR glasses. You must put €899 for the virtual fun on the table. But this not enough: Who wants to take the glasses in operation, a computer with enough graphics power have. However, can we imagine that the one or the other enthusiast will allow the fun.After all, the VR glasses of its competition is ahead and thus virtually unrivaled years.

2016 will be definitely a great year for Virtual Reality. To learn more about this topic, click here. Of course, we have something for all fans of augmented reality (to the post).