HP Elite x 3 Windows Mobile 10 Officially Unveiled

HP dares back and just want to convince a top Smartphone buyers. Together with the new Windows one hopes 10 mobile to use enough devices, what appears very thinking value. Here, all the information about the new Windows Mobile 10-Phablet.

HP what has become powerful with the elite x 3 made., whose code name is “Falcon”. His nearly 6-inch wide-screen (5, 96″), which resolves to QHD, it will be even bigger than the Lumia 950 XL. As more hardware processor is used inside the new Snapdragon 820. In addition to 64 GB internal storage, you bought the elite x 3 one 4 GB large memory, which should provide

a liquid experience together with the processor. This configuration will be also necessary, because it provides a kind of dock named mobile Extender, is a Mini-PC which vie continuum function from your Smartphone. This notebook has a 12.5-inch HD display, in which the elite x 3 a unit acts.

In addition to getting a by Bang & Olufsen stereo sound system developed that is visible above and below the display based on the interesting-looking speaker grills. A such construction known speakers from HTC with the boom sound. On the back you install a fingerprint scanner, which can be found also an iris scanner on the request page so that you will provide for sufficient security. The camera on the back resolves with 16 megapixels, while an 8 megapixel camera sits on the front. Another highlight is the XXL battery with a capacity of 4,150 mAh, which is full again as quickly as possible also via QuickCharge 3.0. It is not to end; also the IP-67 standard provides for a temporary protection of immersion in water and against the penetration of dust. The Phablet is also equipped with the military standard STD-810 G certified makes it shock-proof to a certain degree.


HP presented a class Phablet, which will certainly find its buyer. The use of Windows Mobile 10 shows that places trust in the operating system and want to try it again. With the help of the mobile Extender and the desk dock you will attract mainly business customers. Here you can see that with the elite x 3 created a mobile work device. Price and availability are not fixed yet at present, but you can be sure that we are are in the high end range as regards price.