How to Win You Friends in Subway Surfers

Tip: We have written a guide on how to get started with the successful Danish game Subway Surfers, and WINS over friends.

The Danish success full game Subway Surfers are highly addictive, which you probably will give us the right in if you’ve tried to play it most recently our editor in Chief. been so mad at the game that he on his blog called Subway Surfers for piss-annoying.

The two Danish companies, Sybo Games and developer Kiloo Games, should be commended for having created a game where one should not carry exactly the same course each and every time to start all over again, which encourages the desire to try again.

But are you not come completely in time with the game yet, or been struck by Subway Surfing-the fever, we have gathered a few tips for how you can fairly quickly get a pretty nice score.

Get started quickly with Subway Surfers

The first thing you need to do to get started with Subway Surfers is, to download it to your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone through Apple’s App Store – the game is free. Once the application is downloaded, you must either log in with Game Center or Facebook, and then the game is ready to start.

You need to make sure that Jake (graffiti artist) is not caught by the long arm of the law, as they grab him in to make graffiti on the train cars, and on the flight is to collect the maximum number of coins.

In addition to collect coins, you must also implement the missions and “daily challenges”, consisting of everything from rolling 30 times around, to jump over five railway cars and collect letters to the daily word. There are new missions each day.

For every three missions you complete, your score will be multiplied by one more, and when you complete all the missions, will be your coins multiplied by 30. Which can be for times 60 pretty quickly if you are in the game brings together the star up that says x 2 in.

Another good mnemonic is that in “the shop” can buy various devices; hoverboards, mystery box, as well as doing so means headstarts works for a longer period of time.

We do not think it goes fast enough to collect coins, so you can buy more for real money. But the more friends who play, and the more they play, there are also coins to pick up on the way. Each time your friends have started 50 games, there is URf.eks. 50 coins to retrieve, from a friend.

Beat your friends’ high scores

Your friends ‘ high scores should be switched, so you can take advantage of the above tips. Some users will clearly think it’s pure logic, but there is perhaps also players out there who have not yet figured it out with the missions to be implemented, so that it is easier to get a high score.

The friends that have more points than you, will appear in the upper right corner, the one you are closest to will be listed in there all the time.

If you are interested in to view high scores from all over the world, so you can see this by using the Game Center. But we may well show that must be fought mightily to achieve these.

Subway Surfers future

We have been in contact with the creators of the game, and they have good news to tell to the hungry fans of the game.

There has just been a new update for iOS version, you can read more about this here.

-“As well as an update to iOS, work is also on an Android version, but I can’t say when it will come yet,” says Sylvester Empress who is Creative Director of Games for SYBO our site.

-“A Windows Phone version is not inconceivable, but not yet put into production,” he concludes.