How to Weave a Garland of Pennants of Point

You like to learn how to weave a Garland of point flags ? I love wreaths and I see them often as decoration of all kinds of parties, but would relegate them only at parties? I think a great idea with a wreath of point flags decorate a child room.

And do not believe that it is a job for skilled weavers, is very easy to make and using wool and thick needles you will have the list in an afternoon.

Come on and follow the instructions for weaving a Garland of point flags for you or to give away (you will see that success).

This is how it is done:

For six flags Garland I used 130 grams of coarse wool and needles of the number 7.

It begins setting up three points and weaving the first round of the reverse

In the next round, which we weave the right, raised by two points in the following way: we weave the first point of law, pass the strand front of needle and knit the following point of law, back to pass the yarn in front and knit the last point.

In the next round we weave the backhand, to weave the strands that we have passed ahead of the needle, we have five points.

Knit the next round as law no increases and the other reverse also without increases. If you spend the first item on each turn non-woven, the edges of the flag will be better.

In the next round which we weave the right return to increase two points and we will thus alternating turns right and reverse, rising two points in one turn of the right if and the next not.

When we have the size of banner that you like we create holes for the cord. The first point is woven, you pass the strand front of needle and two points together are woven. So until we complete all the points on the needle

Knit the next round as upside down and then closed points and finish off the strands of the beginning and the end of the work.

We passed a Wool Lace through the holes of the flags and unite behind, so that they are not separate.

We can customize the lyrics felt pennant.

If you liked the idea but do not dare with two needles, you can make fabric following the instructions of this other tutorial to make a wreath of fabric flags , and if you don’t want to sew, you also have the possibility of making a pennants with adhesive fabric wreath.

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