How to Wear Underwear

Lingerie trend continues to prove popular, Bella Hadid in the lead. It integrates a sporty style, it leaves apparent for a sexy effect or that the shifts with more rock songs, the top was all good. For us to do the same.

Already several seasons as lingerie dresses silhouettes of the models on the catwalk, it exceeds the still very sharp look of fashionistas of the moment and it calls on the acclaimed pieces by major retailers. Yes, not in recent months for not having dealt with the famous Slipdress, must-have 90s, the silk camisole worn day or sporty jacket that a feminine athletic stance. Gigi Hadid,Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid , they all succumbed to the underwear trend remains strong and this after several seasons.Bella Hadid has even made one of its major assets to compose a gun held. The proof in pictures!

The sports bra

Large sport-and keen look of sportswear, Bella Hadid found the unstoppable trick to feminize a sporty set. So she does not hesitate to leave his jacket open to reveal a sports bra. In this way, the top can easily combine sneakers, jogging and cap, while keeping a feminine and sexy look.

The black bra under a transparency

Bella Hadid was fearless and with a figure like hers, it would be wrong to deny it.Gigi’s sister then likes to play with the transparency of its parts showing plus size underwear. Yes, according to politicsezine, the apparent lingerie is one of the big trends of the moment and that, Bella has grasped. However, history to avoid flirting with vulgarity, beautiful opts for black and opaque models, simple and sleek design. The perfect balance to ensure a look at the top!

Bra associated with rock allure, street or goth

Needless to repeat: for a successful holding, the important is to play with the styles by drawing in different directories to provide a Surcharge to each room. Thus, as Bella Hadid loves shift his clothes, combine the jacket with an oversized denim jacket, army pants or set goth, as explored Rihanna Fenty for his collection x Puma, is highly recommended!

The body and the corset

Impossible not to have noticed: the body and the corset is definitely out of the linen closet and are doing today, in the street – even in daylight – in a relaxed atmosphere. The model worked with lace to lace up piece passing through sleek below, they are a great addition to a look. For the more adventurous, dare to look sexy playing with a sophisticated lace. In this case, take example on Bella Hadid who held his balance by opting for total black look or oversized pieces. The secret to a set bang on trend!

You will understand, lingerie no longer enough to play the shy and can prove to light. A white body neckline in the back matches perfectly to a mom jeans, white sneakers and a long kimono, for example. As for the jacket, we love the idea of integrating a look sportswear, by choosing with sporty details. Finally, to make a small effect, the worked lingerie, lace, sophisticated cut and glamorous aesthetic is ideal to wake a simple, casual look. Bella Hadid has shown us the way forward, for us to adopt lingerie look. You are ready?