How to Wear Tennis in a More Formal Look

Style tips from image consultant and blogger Rita Carvalho.

Those who value comfort do not dispense with tennis because they are very practical, especially if you are part of that group of women who are always running from one place to another.Although high heels are synonymous with elegance, as they elevate posture and add a few extra inches to your height, if it’s those people who arrive mid-day and only think of taking off, then the flat shoes are ideal.

One of the most frequent doubts of most people is whether the tennis shoes are appropriate for the workplace and convey a professional image.See here the five myths of the professional look from

In this case, I would like to clarify that in companies with a formal dress code (such as banks, law firms or financial consultants) the use of tennis is not allowed, even if the model is of a luxury brand.Remember that you must always respect the dress code of your company.

However, in a more informal professional environment this type of footwear is well accepted.In fact, there are many brands that feature stylish tennis shoes in trend colors, textured or printed.Avoid just the more sporty sneakers for work (unless you’re an athlete or fitness teacher), betting on simpler, more discreet, slip-on, shoe-like shapes.

White sneakers are one of the fashion trends, but the big challenge is to keep them always clean and with a careful look.In fact, there are many celebrities and bloggers who wear a tennis suit, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung and Helena Bordon.

To break the monotony of the jeans with t-shirt and tennis I put together a set of looks, which show how you can wear these shoes in a more classic outfit, combining it with tailoring pieces such as a suit, tight skirt, black pants and, until Even a dress.A good inspiration to create a professional look.