How to Wear Summer Shorts

And so the summer is coming, and it’s finally time to unveil his gams, by wearing shorts, Bermuda shorts or a playsuit. You choose in our selection of 50 models.

No well-crafted summer suitcase without adding to shorts in the middle of dresses and lightweight pants! This is essential to any summer wardrobe respectable, no question of the above impasse. We love in all its forms: short, fluid, denim, cotton, leather, plain or patterned playsuit version of bermuda or … hard not to succumb to the temptation to so many possibilities. So we still say a big YES this season in this timeless, in good condition selected based on its morphology and its current fashion desires.

To not commit “fashion faux pas” preferred him a tall and fluid to conceal small curves. Most juniors will unveil as for them their tanned legs thanks to micro-shorts trendy, long legs effect guaranteed!

Consider also forms flared, if you have a little strong or too muscular thighs.

Finally, the biggest and slender, let yourself be tempted by the shorts, this is the perfect fit for your body type. It will also be your chic asset to the office, decorated with a nice jacket .
And the jumpsuit? This door wide when it is thin, his side “loose” will highlight your slender silhouette. A more fitted shape sublimate your curvaceous, think about it! Finally, not err in proportion, the jumpsuit is alive and mid-thigh.  Certainly the shorts is the “must have” of summer, but do not be fooled by appearances, it is not confined only to the beach! This piece chameleon will follow you throughout your summer days in terms of fun with accessories, bags. A pair of sneakers with a tunicseventies mind for a lunch in the countryside, a polo shirt in cotton pique and a pair trendy sneakers to play the sport. And in the evening at the pool, opt for one aspect fluid shorts silk, with an evening jacket and heeled sandals and around and played: beautiful shorts what (s) model (s) will make you the eye?