How to Wear Stocking with Garter Belt

Stockings always associated with true femininity. This piece of clothing has undergone many transformations and now we see it at its best – finest fabric resembling pautinku, beautiful gum decorated lace and many variations of finishing. But if you want to fully comply with all laws of seduction, then you need to take and belt for cultivation. Stylists say that women’s stockings with a belt look much more elegant, but a combination of fine garters and growing image make maximum feminine and seductive.

An interesting fact – earlier, when the belt is not growing, ladies had to enjoy elastic belts that are to belt / corset. Welcome fashion designer Ferealy Dedye created belt socks that go separately from the corset. She began to wear in the 30s of XX century, but with the advent of the cultivation of elastomer need a belt round (they snabzhalisy silicone tape that kept growing right level).

Today the ladies have a choice – to buy socks with silicone tape, or remain faithful to chulkam under his belt. It should be noted that the second option is much more interesting and has easy plaque retro style, which makes them even more unique.

How to Choose Socks under Your Belt?

And now that moment has come, and you’ve decided to buy socks belt. But here the question arises: what socks are needed for the belt? After all, in the product range is represented by a lot of interesting opportunities. The task complicated by the fact that one set of panties, bra and panty is expensive and many can not afford. In this case, better to take a separate belt, and below it is to choose a set, or if you already have set, then choose a place for him zone.

When you purchase should adhere to the following rules:

  • Color. With black chulkami must be worn on the belt of dark colors. This can be deep blue, purple, dark brown or dark gray. Socks flesh color can be combined with the straps of soft colors: blue, pink, beige.
  • Type belt. Choose this belt that will tightly cover the hips and waist. It need not be pinched and discomfort. If you can, take advantage of locks clips and attach them to stockings. Pull the stocking to check is whether he behaves.
  • Solve style. Before purchasing you need to know the purpose for which they were purchased stockings under his belt. If this is a business meeting, then choose laconic models in which you feel most comfortable. For a romantic evening can be purchased something playful, with the inclusion of lace and crystals.

If you want to insure, then you can choose a ready kit with socks belt. Such socks, they probably will have figure with a belt and lace.

Fashion Sets

If fanateete of branded stuff, it will definitely appreciate the collections of famous designers who have presented sets and socks and belt. So, the legendary French designer Pierre Cardin offers stockings with a belt that will perfectly fit in the closet busy businesswoman. Laconic, without undue decor and cheap crystals, they are not devoid of elegance and glamor. It is also interesting to look at models that growing belt are connected together.

Smoot and loved by women worldwide brand Vumen Secret. The designers presented collections of ladies colorful sets, where most memorable become white socks with a belt. They are suitable for wedding dress the bride or for a special evening with your favorite man. Choice of white socks under his belt must be remembered that the color panties and bra should match the color of the belt.