How to Wear Scarf in Spring

The “all-rounder” amongst the basics: Scarves and shawls

The harbingers of spring are already long. And thanks to the always Sun, we finally have certainty: spring is here!

So, it’s time to sort the wardrobe. Thick winter clothes soft airy clothes.

However, some parts stay up-to-date throughout the year: scarves or.

Accessories in the spring fashion

The accessories have economic activity throughout the year and may be missing therefore definitely not in spring fashion. The reason for their popularity is the versatile combined with the clothes, on the other hand protect you about also from Sun’s rays cold -.

Loosely-bound towels have a cooling effect if they are made from silk, linen or a lightweight cotton mix.


Shawls and scarves have very different shapes on mathgeneral. They are most commonly used as a scarf as a shawl or available as a loop. Their versatility is evident even stronger in the designs.

Countless looks from plain to back to wild retired there with blankets and scarves. Here you choose the accessory that you like the most visually.

What’s hot are still black and white, pastels and floral and animal ornaments. Also fringe and small details such as sequins or patches on the cloths are trend this year.

Create new looks for scarves and blankets

The nice thing is that you can make an outfit always different with scarves and blankets. If you wear your favorite jeans and a shirt, it received again of a new style with each new cloth. Even if you’re wearing the same cloth again and again, you can wear it differently. Tie a large loop to draw attention on it or wear it discreetly by loosely placing it on your shoulders. To emphasise your neckline a bit more, you tie the cloth as a triangle.

Distract with accessories from problem areas

With towels or scarves, you can shift the focus of your outfit on a very fashionable way.

Eye-catching accessories distract from your plump proportions and emphasize the upper section for more. Both your face and shoulders and décolleté are beautifully framed.

As you stretch your upper body

If you want to visually rather diminish your shoulders, you can access to a cloth that you can wear long front, so that it reaches to the navel.
With this trick, you stretch your upper body in the length.

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