How to Wear: Pajama Look

A trend that is a dream come true! For those who love to stay in their pajamas at home (euzinha AMO), how about being able to go out with him? Already there is a time that the pajamas came appearing gradually in parades and street style. But it’s not our old, torn pajamas yet, is it? They are fine clothes, of fabrics like silk, or just inspired in these pieces that we use in the day to day.

If you are bold and would use the complete set, the bet is to bet on accessories and a more elegant shoe to get an elaborate look and not expensive of “I woke up and leave home” – here are worth earrings, necklaces and sunglasses or bet in heel or moccasin.

If you want to use the trend but prefer a subtle look, the tip is to choose either the shirt or the pants of the pajamas. Here at countesssleepwear you can get more models of the sleepwear models. The pajama shirt can make refined looks with pants or skirts and heels, but it can also be casual with shorts and sneakers. Pants, on the other hand, are easier to wear, as they often look like just a pair of slacks, the way they complement the look with a flat top, basic shirts or even a denim shirt. So, who adhered to fashion?

Where to find it:Pajama-impressed pants have all the fast-fashions, the shirt can be found at Renner  and I’ve seen it on Zara, and for those who want to see Amaro have some options!

1. Together pajamas

2. Pajama shirt

3. Pajama pants