How to Wear Multiple Rings

It is never repeated enough, the rings accumulations are attracting a lot of them lately. Aesthetic and trendy, discrete, solid rings, knuckle rings or other personalized rings stack and blend all styles for fashion assured effect. However, although the trend is still the most beautiful effect on magazine covers, matching her rings every day is not easy. Today Jweel gives you some tips and presents two examples of stacked rings looks.

Choose your ring size

The choice of ring size is the first criterion to consider. Too wide, they turn, slip (you may even lose them!) And constantly entrechoqueront and produce an unpleasant effect bell. With too tight rings, your fingers will certainly look as tied roasts, especially if they tend to swell under the effect of heat.

Try the ring or carefully measure his ring size is necessary. For measurement, the method of the strip / string is the simplest:

  • Take a thin strip of paper or a piece of string of several centimeters. You can also use a tape measure.
  • With the strip, do finger around which you will wear the ring (at the desired location for a phalanx of ring it will naturally between the first and second phalanx)
  • Mark in pencil where the strip is joined.
  • Unroll the tape and measure in millimeters with a ruler the length between the two pencil marks. (If the mark is between two graduations, raise the upper scale).

Although it varies greatly from woman to woman, the standard size of an annular ring is 54mm. That of a phalanx ring about 45mm.
For more information, see rrrjewelry for “How to determine the ring size” and “How to find (discreetly) her ring size”

Sort his rings The secret to avoid the “Christmas tree” in the accumulation of ring is to stack rather thin rings insilver or gold plated (or gold if your budget allows). Can afford a massive ring, but matching with other discrete rings and on one hand. Then you are free to express your creativity! The custom jewelry are for it quite adapted: figurative, geometric shapes (triangles, squares), symbols (heart, arrow, star). A ring with a small stone can come and enhance the overall elegant way, while still avoiding the overloaded side or bling. You can combine metals, gold or gold blending perfectly with thebronze or copper metal and silver with steel . Personally, I tend not too fond of the gold-silver mixture, too flashy for my taste. But it is a matter of preference very subjective. The advantage of the stack of rings is that it is a trendy style and universal that is suitable for any length of fingers. If your fingers are rather long, you can easily put more rings or even larger rings. If your hands are small, prefer very thin rings and do not overdo the quantity. The generally recommended to avoid wearing too big rings when you have short and thick fingers. However, if you are a fan of the massive ring, opt for an elongated shape that will give the impression that your fingers are longer. Regarding the manicure, it remains sober. A glittery varnish will tend to overload the whole. To stay class, hand on pink, beige or more sustained tones, but classics such as coral or red. We not forget the 3 essential steps: the base to avoid damaging the nail color and finally the top coat to take your polish and does not flake. Small tip effect “long fingers”: let a uncombed part on the sides. Optical effect guaranteed!The phalanx ring is a valuable ally in the overlay rings , do not leave it aside. Indeed, it breaks too symmetrical side of the accumulation and fits extremely well with the concept. In addition to the fine and classic rings, one can imagine all kinds of custom phalanges rings: arrows, chevrons, with small symbols etc. On Jweel, creating a phalanx ring, just change the model size! Your imagination is your only limit is the time to make your creativity. For more information on this super trendy jewelery, see our article ” An original personalized jewelry: the phalanx ring ” Sample look 1: accumulation of gold rings to give you some ideas and, hopefully, a lot of inspiration we present a first look consists of three rings. You notice that the hands are not very large, we opted for a single phalanx ring accompanied by two conventional rings. Jewelry is fine and relatively discreet hand is adorned but we have a feeling of space and balance in the composition. In the annular, we chose a selected phalange ring consisting of three stripes which lengthens my finger. At the same finger, a ring consisting of two arrows provide a discreet button. The major was cracked on the Angelola frog ring for its lightness and a touch of fantasy. Example look 2: accumulation of silver rings This second look with layering silver rings is original and composed of discrete jewelry. It nevertheless has seven rings but balance is repecté, the hand does not seem overloaded by. A phalanx of ring loop accompanied by two simple rings to the index, a naked finger, a ring with two rings phalanx herringbone and finally a thin ring finger. This article has given you ideas? Come and create your rings, and phalanx rings personalized on Jweel!