How to Wear Long Skirts

Use long skirt has never been on the agenda as in recent months. The feminine and versatile piece falls well in many types of environments and styles of bodies, is just learning how to use to help further enhance the silhouette. For those who have not started investing in looks with long skirt , do not waste time: it is a great piece to compose the closet .

Who Can Use Looks with Long Skirt?

Everyone can, you just choose the right model for your body. The extremely long, dragging on the ground and remembering wedding dresses are more suitable for those who are very tall and have long legs. The incredibly low are short with models and thus should prefer the models that cover no more than the instep.

The long, straight skirt is the most democratic of all, doing well in all types of bodies. Be careful if you have just too wide hips not to choose colors that will further extend the measures. If skinny, abuse pastels to match everything and prints. If plumper, choose dark colors like turquoise blue ,black and the like. It is a direct retro fashion of fashion skirts of the 40s.

The long flared skirt is another social models beautiful and gleaming in the female body. It is fluffy at the bottom, resembling a draped skirt, but with tight waist. It is chic, modern and stylish. But being slightly round, flee model if you have wide hips and is very shorty. This is even a long skirt for leaner and high. Closely resembles the look of the fans of the original Beatles.

Another classic model and it’s great to start investing for those who have never used is to use long skirt with ruffles. She leaves the wider body, so run away if chubby. But if you miss steps and his legs are extremely thin, it is a great piece trick to make the measures more and hide the prominent bones. Tip for those who are too high and also with very long legs. It is a typical part of the 60.

Since the long shirred skirt is a classic embodiment of the hit but fluffy and lighter, according to ethnicityology. When made of thicker fabrics like cotton and linen, it is elegant and discreet at the same time. Pursed value the legs and are great pieces for those who have too thin legs. Even the plump can use, but preferring sober tones to hide busty measures.