How to Wear Leather Leggings

Here is a piece that will get the buzz: the leather legging effect all good. Fashion and comfortable, it is easy to match that we want a rock or casual look. Sure, it will crack and bear it all winter!

These leggings whose material looks like leather, with a crackle effect or almost a little bright, but with the advantage of being resilient. We can sit down with and they take not as hot once inside their counterparts in real leather. Comfortable they are as sexy, if you know how to match them and wear them: nobody wants to look like a sausage is not it?

So here are some rules to avoid missteps …

  1. Was Adjusted

On the door according to emilyleggings, as a full length leggings: that is to say, if the filamentary girls can all afford with the most rounds will opt to wear them under a long sweater or tunic. As with leggings cotton, to lengthen the leg, we chose instead to platforms sandals or heeled pumps, and avoids the boots and strappy boots that visually cut leg and shorter, unless they are very large.

  1. We Play Rock Style

The advantage of the leather effect is that it immediately gives style to the outfit. It is used for a daily casual room, a stylish accessory: is it subject to silver jewelry, multiply the rings or it displays skull accessories or biker boots to break the side tight sexy.

  1. We dare short

For those who feel at ease, it avoids the long coat or parka in favor of a jacket or a leather jacket and, if the fabric is covering, it has a top that stops right buttocks; in summary, it carries the leather legging effect like a skinny jeans.

  1. We offer a quirky style

To calm the game this piece slinky and assertive, it mixes styles such bearing with a white striped shirt and blue sage than a sweater, or jacket with buttons and badge. We can also give him a casual twist with rising sneakers and a sweatshirt. Leather leggings effect becomes small rebel nod of the outfit!