How to Wear Knotted Shirt

Are back knotted shirts front, from the 50’s pin up to the time it is not the rai, it seemed they would never come back. But how to wear them in 00 years?
knotted shirt: instructions for use
Certain fashions thought we do not see them anymore, and instead, cyclically back and above all, after a few moments of reticence, not do without to want to wear!
This is the case of the shirt knotted at the waist, a real trend of the current season. We had left it tied, it is appropriate to say, to the 90 and then look lolita that filled our screens with the cult program in those years, not the rai, where everything was a flaunting of navels.
But fashion real dates back to the 50s and the Pin Up look which highlighted the forms squeezing their shirts in very short life, says Shopareview.
But how to wear them?
It is not easy to match them and wear them properly, or trying to increase its value rather than become clumsy. First, we choose the most suitable models to us and at our age, if we are very young we can opt for shorter models, or perhaps with colorful prints; but if we are no longer in the adolescent phase, we choose models that leave little in sight and they hit soft, perhaps paying particular attention to fabrics.

Jeans and Shorts
Needless to say, with shorts or jeans, knotted shirts are just perfect, especially if you are suitable for the physical value this combo. Avoid, however, the high heels, especially for those who are not so young: OK as casual combination, but not too studied.
Perfect with both midi versions with those midi large, so fashionable in recent years. Better in this case to opt for high-waisted shirts and models, in this case, a bit ‘shorter and screwed to enhance the shape of the silhouette. A must a little ‘heel to hurl.
On cigarette pants, maybe in colors of white, blue or red, especially summer, the shirt knotted at the waist aggiuge to a classic outfit, the glamorous touch that makes the difference.
A simple to embellish look with the right accessories: necklaces showy, perhaps ethnic or decorated with red or turquoise stones, but also special earrings, to give light to the face, preferably to carry with her hair tied.
celebrity style
Many celebrities who have decided to copy this trend. Many have chosen to make it posh casual look for events, for example, or to be comfortable and also trendy in the life of every day, with paparazzi lurking, it is clear.