How to Wear High Heels

Admire the girls who would be able to run a marathon on on high heels? If your dream is to be able to wear them with grace and majesty, without swaying like a pink Flamingo, here are some smart tips for success.

  1. Forget the high heelsTip rather on a heel with platform: stability and will help your don’t have to take it off after only 15 minutes. PS: Even the models occasionally fall from wedges, then limited to an increase of a few centimetres if you don’t want to risk a fall.
  1. Make the evidence of poise at home, like in the movies, wearing heels and putting a book on your head. Possibly not pride and prejudice or war and peace. Choose a volume light. Just read ebook? No, do not use the e-reader. Opts if anything for the kitchen cutting board.
  2. Make small steps. Extremely small. But with extreme elegance. Heel, toe. Heel, toe. First floor, then faster and faster. It’s like learning to play the piano: the speed increases with exercise. And forget the strides from “sorry I’m in a hurry”: you still foot stilts, don’t forget.
  3. Fixes a point, how to dance when you were supposed to do pirouettes. Ah there you are never successful? Damn that’s a problem. But you can always try again.
  4. Stomach in, chest out. Forget about all of this for the moment and meditate on just how to succeed in lowering your center of gravity for better balance. It’s already low? OK, then tried desperately to find the famous point to be fixed.
  5. Use your muscles! Crossfit, gym, got to serve some kickboxing. The balance is also a matter of strength: ABS, quads, calves, back.
  6. Do balance exercises (without heels for starters): stay as much as possible on one leg, alternating them. You’ll see that you’ll be forced to use muscles and staring at a point so as not to fall. And here the greater Flamingo you will just be inspired!
  7. Train your concentration and increases the level of pain tolerance. Get positive thoughts! If you think you fall (bikes, skis, motorcycles … and then also on heels!), at the end really happens. Like in the cartoons! So don’t say “Oh God now I fall, I can feel it”, but “all is well!”.
  1. Put the heels in strategic opportunities. You’re ready to test out the newly acquired skills housewife walkway? Put your heels to go out to dinner or going to the movies: the only way you have to do are those 200 metres between the machine and the door of the room. Don’t wear heels to go for a shopping Marathon. In her spare time, even Sarah Jessica Parker gets easy!
  1. Always stock a pair of flats. When you can’t make more use outside help: get a friend or your arm him and not let him higher, up to the car. Only after you can decide whether to throw the heel 12/15 the window (and in the case, careful not to blind someone!)