How to Wear Heel Shoes

The high heel is part of the basic line of the guard female clothing. They say that the woman is not even female is never used heels. Because?Because they value their legs, they help to keep the firm and slender body and are a good tip for those who want to be more stylish. There is no party dress without high heels, no formal meeting without lifting the feet.

Out of curiosity, do you know when the high heels come about? There is a modern piece. As much as the Egyptian have been adept at walking rest, there are high usage reports in shoes already in ancient Egyptian times. They were shoes with leather straps and a thin high heel. Sounds family?They are our beautiful high sandals beginning to win the market of women’s fashion.

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fashion historians listed the first high heel history as the patten, used in the Middle Ages. The footwear was leather with wooden and had a thinner elevation, used by them only as a trick to get higher. The high tip is old it is not girls?

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How to Start Using Heels

There are two types of high heels: the average, going up to 4 centimeters high, from 5 to 8 cm.There are models even higher, 10 centimeters high, but are not even suitable for the beginners and are little used by the risk of falling. Vexations on the catwalk with this type of jump were common, and the health of the feet thanks to such a rise be abhorred today to the designers.

To start using heels you do not need to buy a model and be using at home to train. Start with the most shorties and lift up to 5 centimeters and get used to them. Put in the early days only events that will not require physical effort and hours of standing. Do not go to a show wearing high heels first: you will experience difficulties.

Start climbing the jump in events that will sit. Our special tip: take a lower jump in the car, if you like. Tired? Replace. No need to force to stay all the time with the elevation if you are not comfortable. This trick is used up by brides, exchanging high heels for a sneaker during the party to present free movement and less pain in the legs.

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Orthopedic surgeons warn some important precautions in the use of high heels. One is not abuse of shoes with heels every day. The legs are forced to balance on something so small and never the floor is light. It also sends more blood flow to the toes, causing injuries and even varicose veins on who is prone to it. And slowly they tend to walk if you do not know very well how to stay on top of footwear to prevent falls and disequilibrium. Twists in the first uses are common.

With That Combine Heels?

For them, there is no more democratic footwear it. If not a sport or hippie look, it always goes well. Go to a party 50 years? Wear high heels. With pants? It’s all right. With long or short dresses, do not miss it. The shoes with high heel goes well with 99% of your wardrobe pieces, no matter the color.

Skirts and shorts paired with this footwear, but it takes some care. One is to avoid wearing shoes with lots of accessories to your outfit is discreet. If she is single color, fall colors and shines shoes.If not, avoid. Much information on the look rather draws attention, but for the wrong reasons.

If using with long dresses, avoid dragging on the ground. The chances of accident are high, are not as used and legal today is to show the shoe. If you cover more than just half of the instep, no one will know of your choice. Use templates at the ankle or a little more.

Heeled Shoes with Matching Bag?

This is a good tip 90 and no longer need to be followed. If you want to use the jump freely without a direct combination, can without any problem. Just try not to overdo the eccentric combinations not to be too flashy.