How to Wear Harem Pants Plus Size?

He made his comeback! Cut, material, color: you are told to choose and wear it with style, while flattering your figure. Follow the guide!

This is the great return of harem pants (trousers, in Hoticle). And the good news is that it is not helpful to be top model to be able to wear it with class. Try this fluid pants with droopy crotch, it is to adopt. It’s simple: it flatters your figure, provided to know well and choose the match.

How to Choose Harem Pants?

Can not be emphasized enough: to make the right choice, regardless of the clothing, give it a try! This is especially true with some parts of the wardrobe like this. Material, cut, color … Be attentive to detail to set the tone to your outfit.

Fabric: it is the key element that gives style to the harem, and the tone to your outfit. For a casual look, go for a fluid fabric: cotton or linen. Effect falling guaranteed. If, however, you want to give maximum elegance to your look, go for fine fabrics, soft as silk, or materials that have an outfit like wool or cotton.

Cut: flee the harem too falling between the legs, which arrives at the knees. Although ridicule does not kill, it is difficult to match with a top and classic shoes. Prefer a model that yawns slightly, about ten centimeters maximum. Before the mirror, turn around: the harem is wide, but should not mean you expand. It should fall on your ass nicely to draw your forms. Also be sure to leg length.Avoid mid-calf cut the risk of squashing the silhouette. Prefer a model with long legs, tight ankles.

Color: once again, it all depends on the desired effect. However remember that bright colors tend to grow, while dark colors refined. However, if you want to give a little pep to your outfit, always prefer a color mat like beige, taupe or light coral. For maximum elegance, black, mottled gray or navy blue are among the must have. However, flee the grounds models.

Large Size Harem Pants

How to Wear Harem Pants?

– To feminize the silhouette, playing on contrasts. The harem pants are wide at the legs, so, rebalance all by adopting a top near the body to mark your chest and waist.
– Do not hesitate to make elegant pieces to your look: a fitted suit jacket a pair of high heels … nothing more effective for an ultra-chic result!

The Fashion Faux Pas

– Banish harem pants worn with a wide top, style blouse. Unless you want to hide behind shapeless clothing, the result is disastrous.
– The harem pants worn with a pair of flip flops or wedges: one forgets! If you are not very comfortable with the purposes heels, prefer a nice pair of gladiator style sandals.
– Be sure to detail: jewelry, makeup, hair should not be left to chance. Prefer fine and discreet jewelery, a smoky eye over your eyes for more sobriety and a smooth blow dry or a nice bun.