How to Wear Flared Skirts

The flared skirt 50 years is one of the perfect complement to create delicious and feminine look, but how to wear it? Easy to match, the skirts go well with most garments easy as shirts and t-shirts. What matters, when you are composing the look, you create the right silhouette, so pay close attention to the shapes, cuts and clothes to the curves of your body.

How to Wear Flared Skirts


50 ‘s fashion has dictated for a long time, and it still does, the basic rules of fashion. Knowing how to dress in the style means knowing how to enhance the fifties their body shapes, donate to a feminine silhouette. What? Just highlight the strengths and camouflaging weaknesses. One of the items of clothing that best manages to give a fabulous body is high-waisted skirt. This category helps tighten the waist flaring gently on her hips to the thighs. In this way manage to hide the flaws related to wide hips and thighs not just in body and ‘ grin and your torso, giving a much-needed waists. The same result you will get it even with the half wheel skirts.

What are the best look? Match the circle skirts 50 years is much simpler than what you believe. Choose the model you like best and sfoggiatelo on all occasions.

You can just wear a shirt, a color that marries perfectly with that of your full skirt, or choose a top, perhaps even lace, or a simple t-shirt, even with some press. Cotton t-shirt and matching leather skirt is very glamorous, while it’s definitely more fun than fantasy models, with polka dots, stripes, hearts or any other multicolored print. Very cute and above all very romantic skirts in tulle, who can marry well with both high heeled shoes and sneakers, playing on the effect of sporty chic.

50 years skirts can be of different lengths. Actually should be slightly covering them, or get on knees midi, but, you know, times change and the models proposed are now really very many. There are those super short and others that reach the ankles but that, rolling, open up deliciously. Want to see some? Then don’t miss our photo gallery, you will see numerous 50 years exclusive wheel skirts and outfits which inspire you on