How to Wear During Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, your body will gradually turn and you can hardly escape from .Therefore, it is important that feel you comfortable in your clothing and cocoon your new body.Follow the guide, you are given clues to be well in your sneakers!

Choose comfortable clothes

It is important to choose clothes in which the mother-to-be will feel well and can move as seems it.
We recommend clothes that don’t shake you, no pressure on your stomach, such as leggings, dresses, tunics and of course changing pregnancy pants that adapt as and when. At the beginning of your pregnancy, when you can still put your jeans and pants favorite, you can use an enlarger to pants, (now in the box 1 trimester of pregnancy). It will allow you to extend the use of your favorite pants a few weeks  also consider to buy comfortable socks, which don’t tighten your ankle, and that will help you all still have a good support. In this perspective, the Chau7 brand sells socks-slippers to not overheat the leg and so reduce the risk of phlebitis and varicose veins due to their low shape. Another significant advantage: their socks-slippers allow do not drag on the ground with their anti-slip pads. We offer you to test them in the box 2nd trimester.

Tip Cocoon: Comfortable, Yes, but we avoid the same associate each other loose parts instead, take the opportunity to highlight your cleavage, your nice round belly with a belt for example.

Count on quality

Certainly carry a child only lasted 9 months and it is tempting to give in to little qualitative parts because we don’t only use shortly. However, if you buy clothes several times during these 9 months, the addition may be ultimately more important than hoped for at the start. Also remember that you will wear your pregnancy clothes more often than your usual clothes, everything simply because your guard dresses will be less provided that usually. You have to choose clothes that will hold the shot until the birth… and even after, because no, all moms do not find the line immediately.
Besides the financial aspect, it is important to choose the material of his clothes. Avoid synthetic materials much more allergens. We recommend cotton which will avoid all reactions, as indeed, pregnancy sometimes changes the sensitivity of the skin.

Choose a suitable size

During these 9 months, you will take between 1 to 2 sizes of bra. It is essential for you to ensure a good maintenance of your chest so to avoid back problems. Feel free to turn to underwear for breastfeeding, which you may find useful if you later choose to breastfeed your baby. Choose also Bras without Underwire, more comfortable. You can also turn to panties special maternity, which will be adapted to your new morphology (size low or high size, the important is to not be tightened in the stomach).

With respect to the bottom, we recommend that you wait a bit (usually around the 2nd trimester of pregnancy) before get you pregnancy pants/skirts from allunitconverters. Indeed, it is better to buy as your body changes, rather than plan ahead. You may need to choose a pants/skirt of pregnancy one size above your usual size, but nothing is certain.

Cocoon tip: it’s time to play with your clothes. A loose dress can become a little high during your pregnancy