How to Wear Dress Overalls

The overalls dress is back in September 2015, but can be considered hard to wear. Here are some tips on how to wear it with panache this fall!

I don’t know you, but me, the overalls dress, reminds me of my childhood. In the 1990s, she was very popular, and many young people of

my age were wearing… with or without pride: everything depended on the point of view and the personality of the kid in question!

Well guess what? This season, with the proud return to fashion of the 90s, she also made her comeback!

The overalls dress, what is it?

The dress overalls is recognizable by its straight cut or flared at the bottom, its square neckline (whether on the front or the back) his suspenders, and the fact that it is short. Simply put, its form, at the top of the garment resembles that of overalls. So, Yes, I swear.

It is, most often, Velvet ras or denim – in any case in a rigid material. It is part of the jumpers dresses, which includes a wider range of outfits to the square shape and sleeveless!

Contrary to what you might expect, this dress style is very easy to wear and to associate! Is the key to everything, especially to take his side to both retro and regressive. You can put what you want with: a t-shirt, shirt, blouse or even a simple bra if inclined you and that it’s not too cold (or you’re not cold).

Only tops that I would advise against you, these are the longshoremen to FAT or thin straps that may make a little mess with those of the overalls dress. Other than that, roll youth (Yes, I’m 70): she can go with anything you want, even if it may be a little too simple for a really fancy party or wedding!

You therefore to choose more or less long, more or less adjusted, denim or thick fabric, according to the looks you want create you!

The overalls dress worn with a 90s look

  1. A khaki dress jumpsuit, a color that comes up often in the fall, Bershka (€24.99)
  2. A top short sleeved, an article very trend as this season, New Look (€9.99)
  3. Sneakers to platforms, with flamingos printed on it. Flamingos. Roses. Fashion Pills (€ 39 instead of € 59)
  4. An ear cuff, to dress up your ear, which will shine so brightly, Accessorize (€7,90 the earcuff and the matching ear nail)
  5. A collar tattoo, well Yes, here it is again, they had not seen him for a long time, Asos (€5.99)
  6. A backpack, to both cool and class, River Island (€40)

The overalls dress highlighted with a casual outfit

  1. Red dress-overalls, for a bit of color this fall!ASOS (€20.99)
  2. A tote-bagwith a cute top, black cats Human ($ 20 instead of $ 25 is about € 17.80 instead of € 22.30)
  3. A pair of boots, both comfortable and stylish, Boohoo (€45)
  4. Imposing a necklace, to dress up your neck with elegance and strength, Stradivarius (€15.95)
  5. A gray t-shirt, simple and cool, H & M (€9.99)

You will take well a few dresses overalls?

  1. A dress-denim overalls, a little more fitted than the others, Paradisdachat (€42)
  2. Black dress-overalls, that has more a chasuble, indeed, cut Boohoo (€27)
  3. Dress-overalls (ah good?), with a pleated effect, to make even more ‘back to school’, Urban Outfitters (€ 55 instead of € 72)