How to Wear Backpacks

Fashion launches and re-launches trends, but let’s face it, are not always comfortable as they are beautiful. I do not know, I think of those weird shoes with high wedges without the heel with which practically has to go around on tiptoe. And I always wondered how that had not tumbled to the ground.


Each, however, so much the fashion you remember that comfort is important and therefore allows us to wear beautiful things but beautifully comfortable, like travel backpacks. That way, it immediately comes to mind school, backpacks and seven eastpak, long gone (at least for me), instead of the backpack is more relevant than ever and wear it will be a real feast for the eyes.


I have to admit, I love madly backpacks and started to use them already in times when they were not so admired because they are really comfy. I remember shopping sessions with clients where I had to carry around a notebook with notes, water bottle, camera for pictures, a snack for low blood sugar and thousands of other things. I came home with a sore shoulder. I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about because we women love to put in your purse all our lives.

Here, the backpack is handy because although it gets very heavy, you can lean on both shoulders dividing the weight and causing pain to a level playing field to both. You know when you go for shopping and you want to touch and bring in the dressing ten rulers? Here, he thinks what a joy to do it with two hands! Why is another merit of the backpack is that it allows you to have both your arms and though it may seem obvious, it is not at all.

And then, in spite of popular beliefs, the backpack takes you from morning to evening and goes with everything, you just play with different shapes and sizes. For a romantic dinner choose from smaller models, perhaps with the shape bucket to be even more glamorous, while for the day can increase the size.


Another reason to love the backpack is that it is good to all, you just need to choose a form in harmony with your body. It keeps you surprised by how many models there are: round, square, flat, voluminous. You’ll be spoiled for choice.

You are a woman from the hourglass body? Avoid the square shapes and prefer softer ones that reflect your curves.The important rule that applies to all physicists is that the dimensions must be proportionate to your body!

Square shapes and minimum thickness if you are a baguette diamond, or you have a few corners, so that your natural forms are taken from the bag and everything is in harmony. Too voluminous and round shapes would give a hump effect immediately.

If you are a woman with an oval body, you choose very rounded models that recall your wonderful curves. I would just give you some advice, avoid too thin straps which might highlight any softness just below the shoulder.

Soft and harmonious forms with derrière if you are a Teardrop Diamond (physical triangle) because a backpack too small it would seem more important than it actually is. Better rounded shapes and shortens a little ‘braces to prevent the backpack gets too close to the seat, you do not want to enter into competition right?

Are you a trapezoid diamond? Braces wide so that they are in perfect balance with your wonderful shoulders, otherwise let go of the fantasy. If you just can not give up that backpack with suspenders purposes, wear it on one shoulder, because the union (suspenders) is strength!


  • You can carry the backpack on both shoulders for whizzing down the streets of the city.Maybe slightly loosen the straps, just not to be too precise and rigid.
  • On one shoulder alone does verycasually fashion and is also handy for when you have to take something from the inside. Perhaps with the suit to be in line with the trend this season.
  • A hand to be chic and sophisticated.The top handle or rolling up the straps around your arm, you choose the way you like.

So now we just have to wear a backpack and go!

If I have not convinced yet or have any questions on how to wear it, please leave a comment!