How to Wear a Skirt of Lace

It is not the kind of leader who wears even to go to the grocery store and I certainly do not choose it when you’re in a hurry and you stick the first thing that happens to you, but, if combined in the right way, a lace skirt can show off also in everyday life. It seems too demanding boss that only suits elegant occasions, but, for some time, we see wearing the skirt of lace even with sports clothing such as T-shirts and sneakers and these combinations make it perfect even for the day.

Who can wear a skirt of lace? All! The important thing is to choose the model best suited to their physical: If you are tall and thin, you can opt for skirts and pencil skirt ; but if you have a Mediterranean and physical do not want too much value to your forms, you can choose larger models and wide as the midi skirt and long skirts.

Match a skirt of lace in the right way is easier than you might think, and who better than the most famous fashion bloggers can help us in this mission? Here are 10 different combinations to be tested as soon as possible!

lace skirt + Heels

For a super feminine look that will leave everyone speechless, wear your lace skirt with the neckline with vertiginous heels. You can choose a pencil skirt worn with a jersey with transparency and embroidery or a long skirt to match with a white shirt: the wow effect is guaranteed!

lace skirt + Sandals

If you are looking for a viable alternative to the décolleté, opt for sandals. Do as the actressJamie Chung or as the fashion blogger Aimee Song : wear a pencil skirt with a white top and a colored shirt and completed the look with a mini bag. The result will be very chic!

lace skirt + Loafers

For a more comfortable look, but equally sophisticated, choose a lace skirt to show off with a pair of loafers , shoes halfway between moccasins and the dancers. If the idea you do not mind, please leave the sock in sight.

lace skirt + Sneakers

Another very popular combination is the one that sees the pencil skirt with lace worn with sneakers. Many fashion influencers prefer the total white look, but you get jiggy and try to play with colors.

lace skirt + boots

To keep in mind in autumn view, the combination “lace skirt + ankle”. We’ll have to remember this in late September when temperatures become cooler, and we can finally pull out of our favorite shoe booties.