How to Wear a Scarf with a Pin

Associate a PIN and a scarf works great and very elegant. It’s a good way to keep in place a scarf and at the same time put a key styles to your look. Here are some ideas for a successful partnership!

A look class effortlessly

For those who wish to accessorize their little tailor to go to the office, then nothing better than to ask a thin scarf around the neck. You can pass under the collar of the shirt or even directly around the neck, especially if you have a round collar or Turtleneck Sweater. The scarf should fall equally on the chest, then instead of making a style tie knot, simply close the sides of the scarf at the level of the glottis or slightly below. So, maintain your scarf, stitch the PIN so that it holds the two pieces of tissue. A very chic and elegant effect while being very original and feminine.

For large parties

A stole or scarf defined on will be your best friend for you cover your shoulders generated by a low-cut dress, or a bustier. It will be enough to put the scarf on the shoulders and bring back the two pans on the middle of your bust to secure the spindle in the same manner as the previous technique. Alternatively, you can refocus the PIN to give a small side asymmetrical which can be very pretty according to the forms of your dresses. This technique is very recommended to hang a scarf or a shawl on top your wedding dress, to cover a neckline too pronounced during the religious ceremony.