How to Wear a Scarf for Male

If you want to cover the neck, however, we recommend you make  a cross: put the scarf as in the only precedent that instead of twist it around around the neck, with the longest side take a little knot that goes from the inside out .This is the most classic way to all! If you want to play it safe with the coverage of your neck, then it is appropriate to  put the ring scarf: maybe, let him take a tour around your neck so that it is more in line! But the methods to put the scarf certainly do not end here ! We have the so-called  method heater stomach, you can do only with particularly long scarves! After putting on the neck scarf, crossed the two ends in the stomach and bind them behind his back with a knot: the effect is nothing short of comfortable!

If you do not want in front of the ends, also you can make the drape in reverse: just take one end (which will fall to the same length along the body) and put it on the opposite shoulder; Repeat the steps to remove the other end, putting a little ‘pressure (not too much, otherwise you choked!) to make it adhere well to the neck!

Fans of trendy at all costs? Then the lump in Paris is the place for you! Fold your scarf in half and then put it on the neck (eye: it takes a long scarf!); Take the ends’ and insert ‘open in the middle of the other end, clutching a little’ in relation to what you want to cover your neck. Another very ‘chic’ method is the so-called fake knot: put long scarf on the neck a third on one side and the other two thirds. Take the long end and let them take a ride around the neck, passing under the scarf; Then, let it go from outside to inside; Then, take the other end and insert it into the sort of ‘loop’ that has been created (more difficult to be written than done!); the effect will be precisely that of a fake knot!

It is unbearably cold? Then there is nothing better than good old double turn: just put the scarf with the usual proportion (one-third and two-thirds), take the long end, and turn it twice around his neck. It will not be so stylish, sure, but it’s still tremendously effective!