How to Wear a Female Kimono

One of the biggest fashion trends for summer 2015 and 2016 is undoubtedly the female kimono. Coming out of the traditions and Japanese cabinets, the kimono is no longer exclusive to geishas and won changes and adaptations to be part of a global fashion.

Adaptations female kimono began to appear in 2012, but still coyly. In 2016, however, the trend has taken hold, shape and color and won once the collections of many brands, from the most expensive to the fast-fashions.

With its air boho chic, feminine kimono follows the international trend of more stripped down style with a touch of sophistication, finesse and personality. Today, kimonos are found in various models, from composing more casual looks even more refined looks.


The original kimono, used in Japanese culture, is made of silk, while the current female kimonos are found in a wide range of fabrics, from silk itself: crepe, mesh, cotton and even knitting. Knitting kimonos, for example, are great for a more beachy look and coastal cities.

For they are generally made from lighter fabrics, female gis are perfect for use in summer as the third piece of a look without causing discomfort due to the heat.


The women’s kimono is also available in various lengths and unlike the original kimono, which is to the foot, can be found in more Curtinhas versions, ranging up to the waist in middle versions, which are up to just below the hips and longer, which has a length close to the knees.

The length of the kimono can also be considered by the presence or absence of fringes since many girls fringes have a bar ranging from the shorter, longer and passing through to the unequal lengths. Generally kimonos with bangs give a more visual alternative and hippie chic to look.

Choose Your Look

Assemble the perfect look with a kimono it will not be difficult, since not lacking is inspiration in many looks urban and casual fashion.

– With Skirt

The kimono gives a romantic touch and delicate looks with the skirt and for this you just choose a fabric skirt more fluid, like tulle, a more snug striped shirt and a kimono floral print. If you do not want to give too much volume to the body, choose the most justinhas skirts the body. Opt for plain fabric skirts to highlight the kimono, but play with the prints of her blouse, mixing delicate prints between blouse and kimono.

For a more focused look at the boho chic, choose a long skirt, which can be white with lace or color, a light shirt inside the skirt and a kimono with asymmetrical floral tips. Finish with a round sunglasses and a hat. Feet, rasteirinha sandal or shoe.

For a look younger and fun, choose short jeans as your ally at the time of using the kimono: use a short shorter jeans, light wash and the frayed edges, a white shirt and a kimono, colored or black, provided with print. Finish with a beautiful bead and have a look anything but basic and without any effort.

For a more sophisticated look, choose a short noblest fabric such as linen, neutral color. To him, add a colorful and smooth shirt, like orange, blue or green and combine with a kimono in the same tone short. Foot, a heel sandal and bag style clutch .

– With Pants

The look of kimono with pants is slightly bolder by overlapping several layers of clothing, but betting on the basics you will not go wrong. Pick a kind of skinny jeans in your preferred washing and combine with a shirt inside the pants, ending with her kimono. The more daring can choose colored pants or trousers – with more open mouth. You can also make a combination of pants, kimono blouse and cropped, perfect for those who do not give up the trend.

Alternatively, instead of jeans use a black leggings, a black blouse and let all the attention for a super colorful and patterned kimono.

If you do not want to err in any way, use your kimono with a black dress and basic, which can be more fashion or more open model. Capriche accessories such as bead, earring or bracelet to spice up the look.

If you want a more romantic look, use a more fluid dress, as income, and above use your kimono. On colder days, use with pantyhose black slightly opaque.

– Closed

To reimagine the use of their kimono, you can use it closed, gaining a new piece. Use it with shorts and shirt and close it with a belt which can be thinner or working to earn a look similar to that of a short dress.

You can also use your kimono over skirts and shorts tied form, creating kind of full of personality blouse and inside the skirt, for example.

Run now to secure your kimono and get inside of one of the biggest trends of the last stations.