How to Wear a Cardigan


God bénissz the person who invented this piece! Every man should have at least 2 or 3 in her wardrobe so that room can be helpful.
You never close the top button of her cardigan! As for a jacket or blazer.
This vest that is predominantly found in wool also available in silk, linen, cotton, alpaca, cashmere, mohair and is often subject to material mixtures (including those mentioned above)

When the first will give you a rather urban style and purpose, the other will be more raw, a little more rustic and manly leaving you carte blanche for example style contrasts.

How to wear:
with a shirt: The classic combination. It remains very effective when properly performed. If you do not wear anything above your cardigan I advise you not buttoned or only 2or 3 buttons.

This is also when worn with a blazer and a shirt or even a shirt that ensures the transition between the top of holding down and making it all very fluid:

With a t-shirt: If you wear your cardigan with a t-shirt, and leave it open up your sleeves and stop before the elbow. You will have a casual but at the same time recorded by the likes of the room that is the cardigan.

Another important point from clothesbliss. If you wear the cardigan avoid the v-neck to the shirt that overload holding, it is redundant. You can do it but do not close it at that time. Like here. This is not shocking, but it’s not optimal. A rounded collar had better case.

Prefer this case the round collar (aboard purposes), U collar, a scooped neck, boat neck, trapeze etc …
A chunky knit cardigan fits very well with a blazer and a casual shirt.

The Colors of the Mesh

As usual the choice of colors will depend on the style you want to adopt as well as your level.

NB: For the elbow on the mesh I’m not a big fan. I can even say that I do not like the aesthetics but it’s a style and it has the merit to exist. If you like and you are young made sure that this not aging that reason, the worst being to give a dated impression … And watch as usual the quality of inserts, leather quality (which is often returned suede / suede / velvet goat), and seams. It’s in the details that you notice the exceptional pieces!