How to Wash Your Bicycle

Gadgets: A clean bike working better. And it does not take half the morning to clean up the bike. Do this as suggested by this blog.

A clean and well lubricated bike works better, lasts longer and is more fun to ride. And look out fine. It is easier to see if anything is damaged, for example cracks in the frame, cuts in the tires, or rivets in the chain. Make a habit of immediately rinse cycle after workouts. The bike standing up is more difficult to remove the dirt. Additionally, the drive can start to rust.

  1. If you do not have access to a water hose, use a plastic bottle that you cut off the top and fill with warm water. Then you can supplement with a bottle of detergent. With a sponge, a nylon brush and a brush so you can access everywhere.
  2. An easy way to clean a dirty cassette (gears on the rear wheel) is to pick the wheel from the bike, put it down on the ground with the cassette upwards. Dampen a cloth with degreaser and drag it back and forth between them. You do not spin on cassette, freewheel cogs are in motion.
  3. Do not forget to lubricate the chain, if you have cleaned it with degreasing. Dry the first of the chain, apply oil, then wipe the chain again. There are pros and cons with both thin and thick oils. Thin oil does not attract as much dirt, but needs to be used more often. A thick oil lubricates longer and are better in difficult conditions, but will, on the other hand also dirtier.
  4. Place a layer of wax or polish on your frame and fork after every third or fourth washing. It restores luster paint and allow insects and tar from the road does not get stuck as easily.
  5. If using a pressure washer, you should be careful to direct strong rays against sensitive surfaces on the bike.