How to Wash Satin Pillows


Everyone should know how to wash a pillow because they are objects that exist in almost all homes. As for those satin, most of them is carried in the laundry for a dry as this is considered the safest method; However, it is possible to wash the fabric at home: just follow a few simple guidelines and be careful not to use products that may result. For stubborn stains, requiring more thorough cleaning, you must instead a professional cleaning. But now we see how to wash pillows with satin.

How to Wash Satin Pillows

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Water
  • Detergent
  • Steam cleaner

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How to Wash Satin Pillows 2

How to Wash Satin Pillows 3

First, determine the need and why the pillows should be washed. If there are for example of surface stains, simply follow the cleaning process common to other types of tissue. If there are no traces of mud, glue, oil or other substances that are hard to remove, you must try to assorbine as much as possible using a cotton cloth and let it dry in the Sun for an hour before starting the washing. Next, use your nails to try to gently remove as much as possible traces of dry dirt; Alternatively to the nails, which could be damaged, for this operation, you can also use a soft bristle brush without ruining them. Water stains are much more difficult to eliminate.

For washing, you will need to use a special detergent or steam cleaner, which are often sold alongside the sofas and armchairs. Dip one at a time the pillows in a solution of cold water and detergent for 5-10 minutes and allow them to dry in the open air. But as already mentioned, you can clean the satin pillows with a steam cleaner and therefore without the use of water. In that case, just place the nozzle of the cleaner directly on the stain and operate it. When the stain will be gone, always switch off the cleaner and dry outdoor cushions.

The satin pillows can be very expensive, so it is very important to try to safeguard them through preventive action constant cleaning in order to prevent the simple spots then become a problem that is difficult to remedy. In this regard, many home stores sell the spray designed specifically for the protection of this type of fabric.
Never forget:
• Do not machine wash