How to Wash Bikinis, Swimsuits and Swimwear

The high temperatures of summer are ideal for taking off your clothes closet bathroom and soak up the Sun at beaches and pools. The contact with the chlorine in the pool water and the salt water of the sea may damage and fade fabrics in bikinis
swimsuits and swimwear.
Constant cleaning and made without the correct care can also compromise the quality of parts. See simple tips from to wash your swimwear without harming the tile:
If the scenario of the summer afternoon is the beach, the first step is to get the sand out of the pieces.
To avoid that it gets accumulated in the liner, the tip is to let the parts soak for a few moments and then use running water to remove the sand “stuck” in the play.
After removing the sand, indicated is SOAP parts with neutral SOAP or liquid detergent and rinse well not to leave residue on the piece. Then simply twist very carefully and hang. The clothes should be placed
around seams or straps to avoid be marked.
Washing machine
Bathing suits should not be washed in the washing machine because the device might end up wearing the fabric. Used towels on the beach, beach and shorts can be washed in the dishwasher if they are washed in water streams prior to removing
the sand.
Ideally, swimsuits and swimwear bikinis to dry in the shade. Leave the pieces in the Sun can fade the color or damage the fabric. Never use iron on parts of the beach. After dried, bikinis and swimsuits must be stored in such a way
that the fabric does not stay stretched to avoid deformations in the model.
How to sanitize bikinis and sarongs?
The bikinis and sarongs should be washed with mild soap, such as coconut, and exposed to the Sun to dry completely. It is important that the parts are not kept moist still, as this may promote the proliferation of fungi and
bacteria, as well as damaging the pieces.
How to keep bikinis and sarongs to smell?
The bikinis and sarongs must be stored under cover of light and moisture, in order not to develop or change of color ever to avoid odors in bikinis and speedos or accumulation of dust, indicating that if use vacuum packaging or
closed. See suggestions of materials:
Plastic wrap
The plastic film can be involved very close to the tissues, thus avoiding contact with dust or other harmful substances. In addition, it helps to compress the play and facilitate the storage.
Hermetic packaging
Hermetic packaging, known as “zip lock”, also fulfil this function and can be transported easily even in suitcases.