How to Wash a Sleeping Bag in Washing Machine

You do not have to work hard to move a sleeping bag while camping.Sleeping with your hiking clothes, poor insulation in your sleeping bag and moisture, dirt and general wear lining can mess and down.Professional cleaning by an expert of the pen can be expensive, and you should not send your sleeping bag to the cleaners because of harmful chemical solvents. Wash your own sleeping bag is not difficult, but requires more attention and time than washing your favorite T-shirt. Prevent flattening soft feathers washing your sleeping bag only once a year before storing.

Shake any excess waste and put your sleeping bag in a washing machine front loading. Do not use washing machines agitator top load style, which can loosen the seam. Check smber for how to wash a summer sleeping bag.

Add 1/4 cup of mild detergent compartment. Do not add fabric softener or bleach, which can damage the bottom. Many camping and outdoor stores also sell detergents specially designed for washing.

Turn the delicate wash cycle knob and select cold water for washing and rinsing. Below sensitive that requires you to use only the softest of options washing machine.

Transfer to the sleeping bag to the dryer immediately after the full cycle of the machine wash. Rotate the falling drying environment or “dry lint using low heat or no heat. Unlike air drying, drying machine prevents low accumulate soft. Check sleeping bag every 10 minutes to prevent excessive dryness. Due to the low temperatures desired method sleeping bag drying can take several hours.

Remove sleeping bag when the dryer feels spongy again to the low and dry. Immediately save the sleeping bag in the big bed, storage breathable included with the purchase. Avoid the use of a compression bag for storage, which over time is flattened down.