How to Walk in High Heels

May be a ridiculous question but believe it is one of the most made by women. It’s amazing how one type of shoe can make all the difference and I could walk with him too.Many women have difficulty when walking, because we will match the pet is hard, and gets that question in the air, how to walk in high heels? Sounds easy and simple and there are some tips that can help you face that fear. The tips that I’ll give you my beautiful readers is nothing more than the master of heels, our dear Louboutin. Yes, those who never dreamed of a red sole shoes? I dream to this day and he gives several tips for those who want to learn how to walk in heels.

  • Forget the complex of Bigfoot!When buying a shoe he should be a little more loose in the foot. As in Brazil we don’t have half a numbering, if you buy 1 38 37 pants and use a thin insole.
  • Don’t forget that leather shoes can stretch, but satin and silk do not change. Shoes of varnish are also less flexible in general.
  • Not to sound like a “paw” walking with high heels, slow down. One must understand and accept that the use of mostly jump reduces the speed of the walk.
  • Change the height of the jumps constantly to prevent the shortening and the hardening of the Achilles tendon. Vary the height of the heel helps you work the muscles and let your legs even more beautiful.

In addition it is important to try before buying, it seems obvious but a lot of people buy without at least try it and that makes all the difference. Opt for wide Sandals because they are more comfortable and let your feet.

You don’t want to pay that and fall walking around right?

According to Louboutin, several women describe having more self-confidence to wear high heels, especially in the working environment by being able to watch the chefs face to face rather than the bottom up. So learn to walk in heels is not just to feel more thin and sleek but also to feel more confident about yourself.

Now you tell me, has trouble jumping ride? Never had? Tell me here on eshaoxing!