How to Use the Bulb Mode of Your Dslr Camera

Taking photographs with long exposures is a technique used to track lights, visualize starlight, and create light-painting images.

How to Use the Bulb Mode of Your Dslr Camera

Normally, DSLR cameras automatically allow only 30 seconds of exposure, more than enough time to produce these effects.However, to make it easier for users who want to customize the picture, Bulb mode maintains exposure while the shutter button is pressed to capture long periods.

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In order for the bulb mode to work, tripod is necessary, since in long exposure the photo will record the minimum movements of the hand.In addition, the use of a self-timer is indicated so that it is not necessary to keep the button pressed during the exposure period.

In this example, we will use a Nikon D3200 camera and for demonstrative reason we will not use a self-timer.Check it.

Step 1. To get started, place your camera in manual mode.To do this, rotate the roulette wheel so that the M mode is activated;

Step 2. Activate the camera’s technical information display and rotate the parameter change ring to the left;

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Step 3. When the Bulb mode appears on the screen, the feature is enabled;

Step 4. Place the camera on a tripod to prevent camera shake.Then hold the shutter button down for the desired exposure time.

The photo below was made via Bulb mode with 16 seconds exposure with the Nikon D3200 DSLR camera.In this case, a cell phone flashlight was used to perform the Light Painting effect.

Take the hint to create long exposures with your DSLR camera.

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