How to Use Spotify As an Alarm Clock?

Using Spotify music as an alarm clock is a function that the streaming application does not yet have.However, service users can use the free Alarmify app to link their Spotify accounts and create an alarm that uses playlists and songs from their premium account.Here’s how to use the feature on Android devices and iOS.

How to Use Spotify As an Alarm Clock?

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On the iPhone

Step 1. Open Alarmify and tap the “Log in to Spotify Premium” option.Then log in to your Spotify account via Facebook or the email and password you registered with your account in the streaming service;

Step 2. On the application start screen, tap the “+” icon to start setting up a new alarm.Set a time for the awakened and tap “Save”;

Step 3. With the alarm clock set, touch “Choose Playlist” and select the Spotify list you want to use.Then tap Done to continue;

Step 4. Tap the three-point icon to set an alarm pattern.We suggest to activate the “Wake up slowly” function so that the music gradually increases the volume when the alarm is activated.To return to the previous screen, touch the green arrow icon;

Step 5. To turn the alarm on, touch “Sleep”.In this mode, indicated to be activated before the user sleeps, the phone shows the remaining time for the alarm to be activated.

On android

Step 1. Open Alarmify and tap on the “+” icon.Then set the name, the alarm time, and the days of the week that it will repeat itself.Touch “Select Music“;

Step 2. Log in to Spotify to continue configuring Alarmify. You can choose the login via Facebook or through the email and password registered in Spotify;

Step 3. Confirm the Spofity link with Alarmify by tapping “Okay”.Then select one of Spotify’s playlists or songs and tap the visa icon as shown in the image below;

Step 4. With the song or playlist selected, tap the visa icon to end the alarm setup.

Ready.You can repeat the processes and create other alerts.Remember to keep your internet connected, as Spotify uses the connection to play music.

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