How to Use Social Model, Leggings, Harem, Sarouel, News

If the pants were seen as exclusive pieces of men, today they are part of the wardrobe of all women and are ideal for a work, school and even a party. But did you know that there are several types of Pants? Know how to choose the right pants for every occasion? That’s what you’ll see in this post.


* Tailoring: despite the social air, is super modern and very indicated for women who have an active professional life. That’s because in addition to very elegant, it is practical and combines with any occasion.

* Wide: pretty striking, she is totally loose legs and calls enough attention so it must be used with a discreet blouse.

* Social: are straight and creased trousers that usually come with a blazer. Quite simple, are indicated for very formal occasions.

* Leggings and news: tight pants and usually are made with lightweight fabrics that are totally glued to the body. The legging has well popular versions that are used at the Academy, but the news has as main feature a charming strap that is placed on soles of the feet.

Natalia Vodianova with a legitimate news pants.

* Bell Mouth and Flare: success of the years 1970, Bell’s mouth is fair in the thigh and begins to extend just above the knee which adds style to the look. Already the flare is a more modern version and without exaggerated proportions on the bar. She is better suited for those who do not have such courage to dare.

* Sarouel: she is very larguinha on the hook and sometimes has the horse too low. They are made of lightweight fabrics and very comfortable to use on a daily basis.
* Boyfriend: are jeans with a wide, low hook and many tears “. Although they look like female pants worn by men little careful and it received the name of “boyfriend” in Portuguese.

* Skinny: are fully-body tights pants that are wrinkled on the ankle. Are very basic and can be used on a daily basis without problems.
* Harem: inspired by the models of pants of odalisques, they have marked waist and are locked in the ankle. Are made in lightweight fabrics and are quite wide in the leg.

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