How to Use Short Boots

If you’re like me, you love a new trend (to the feet), will be overwhelmed with the new shoe fashion. Plus we tell all about her, attack of personal stylist in IMulher to teach How to use short boots that are the replacement for the built-in heel sneaker shoes fenônemos and even ankle boots.

Towards the end of the season is the same: we’re crazy using the essential products that season and then went into another, there are so many shoes to 2013 we’re going to have to take to see which is the better and they acquire to parade through the streets, but I can confess that of all the short-barreled Bootie is leaving women in the expectation because this shoe is one of those that will be used in half-seasons with hot pants or dresses, heavy winters and even in the summer. Already bought my why accurate investment since promises to endure for long seasons.

Tips on how to use your boot crew socks

You don’t necessarily need to buy a new case ever, bet on more expensive or older products with new trends is the best, so do not abandon your shoe even though he’s old man, after all you never know if we wear a more relax, doesn’t it?

Ankle boot with pants

If you loved this fashion accessory will surely want to combine with our favorite piece, a pair of jeans. My tip is to combine this with boot pants tighter, so leave your feet in total evidence. For the women of thick legs our indication is choose the shoes that have very short pipes and stop at the ankle, because the biggest can flatten the silhouette according to

Ankle boot with skirt

And if you have a sunny day and you don’t want to let go of your new trend? Use and abuse her with short skirts, long or even the mullet style. Want to innovate in the prints and let the simple leather? Invest in options with the animal print style to innovate and raze among your friends.

Ankle boot with leggings

Out of the Academy, but it’s going to roll that ride with her friends? Bet without error on this combination boot crew socks with pants leggings, just stay tuned on combination of colors, okay? Because like a neon pants and dark boots can get awkward. To finish the look on shirt mullet that has the back bigger and go walk safe and beautiful.

Ankle boot with shorts

This option is the one that will let your creativity take action, you can either customize your Bootie applying glitter and leaving the most stylish or use the duo shorts and tights in cooler moments. The tip of the pants for women who have thick leg also goes here and other advice is to leave the pantyhose with side print, because it can increase the size of your thighs.
What do you think girls of our options of How to use short boots?