How to Use: Clutch Bag

The wallet (or clutch) is a small handbag, where you can carry just the essentials like keys, cell phone, lipstick, documents and credit card (sometimes, not even that!). Before, it was used for more special events, nightclubs, along with chic dresses. Today we know that it is not so. The wallets have won the streets until day in more casual clothes.

Some wallets have a thin chain to carry, however, be careful where you leave them! Since it’s small, it’s pretty easy to get lost around … Some newer models have come in a much larger size, so we found several versions in the stores. To use the wallet, see if it matches the look. If the look is more of a party, choose wallets and clothes from fabrics such as satin, lace, silk, tulle, chiffon, velvet etc. If it is more casual, you can adapt the compositions with jeans, waistcoats, ankle boots, blazers and even band shirts. Whatever you choose, remember that the bag is always delicate and draws much attention to you, so choose a model that picks up any clothes you wear. Here at preorderhandbags you can get more different models of the handbags.

Where to Buy:It is always valid to look for products with good prices at C & A, Renner, Riachuelo, Marisa and Zara. In addition to the fast-fashion, there are beautiful clutches on the Tanlup website, which sells both handmade and imported pieces. Look for clutch or wallet purse. At the Amo muito site, look for wallet purse. Legal is also to go at craft fairs and thrift stores to ensure one of these.

1. Wallet and Dress

2. Wallet and dress with coat

3. Wallet and Skirt

4. Wallet and Skirt with Coat

5. Wallet and Short

6. Wallet and Short Jeans

7. Wallet and Pants Jeans

8. Wallet and Pants

9. Wallet and Legging

10. Wallet Celebrities