How to Use: Asymmetrical

Asymmetry is one of the main focuses of this summer 2012. Dresses, skirts and blouses shorter on one side and longer on the other can value parts of the body, hide others and transit between the elegance of the long and the practicality of the short.Diagonal bars, different lengths between the layers and the back longer than the front have everything to do with the season and still leave us quite fresh to enjoy!

To use day to day, choose pieces with a very light asymmetry, so that the larger tip does not disturb at the time of walking. You can go out with a dress, a skirt or a blouse like that without many accessories, just one item that stands out in the whole look. A blazer in the composition combines a lot and, we legs, bet on sneakers.

The models that are simply asymmetrical deserve to shine at night with a collar-luxury and ankle-heeled boots. Or, if you prefer, you can help set the waistline with a belt that can be very thick or thin, depending on the style of the dress. In this case, choose light and fluid fabrics, such as silk or even chiffon.

With the asymmetrical sweaters, wear thinner bottoms, such as skinny pants, leggings, shorts or tighter skirts, suggested by The advantage of these blouses is that they disguise the butt, since most are long in the back. With the skirts asymmetrical, sweaters inside and belts marking the waist finish the look in a very modern way.

Where to Buy:you can buy online, through the website In Love With Fashion, which has beautiful models and delivery in Brazil. Over here, there is a floral take-a-fall dress in the Marisa mullet style for 69 reais. Run there, it may end! And if it’s hard to find in stores, the best solution is to have it done, just as Rose, the owner of the Devaneios Fashion blog, asked her aunt to sew.

1. Asymmetrical Sleeveless Dress

2. Asymmetrical Dress with Vest or Jacket

3. Asymmetrical Blouse with Short

4. Asymmetrical Blouse with Pants

5. Asymmetric Skirt with T-Shirt

6. Asymmetrical Skirt with Blouse

7. Asymmetrical Sweater with Sweater

8. Asymmetric Skirt with Jacket

9. Famous with Asymmetric Clothing