How to Unlock a Cell Phone

You change your telephone operator but want to keep your mobile phone? Or you just want to insert the SIM card from another phone provider into your mobile phone? This, to unlock your cell phone.

In order to unlock your mobile phone, you need the IMEI code. You will find it under the bar code of the battery or by typing * #06 # on your mobile. Then, you just call your telephone company (from a mobile phone that is not one to unlock) and to provide the IMEI code. If your IMEI is in their database, the operation will be immediate. Otherwise, the telephone operator will ask for the code to the constructor, which can take several weeks.

You can also visit a site dedicated to unlock your cell phone, it’s quick and easy!

How much is your cell phone unlocking?

If you have your mobile phone for more than 3 months, your operator is obliged to provide you with the unlock code for free. On the other hand, if your mobile phone has less than 3 months, it may charge you for this service. If the advertised rate do you not, please visit the Prixtel site: we offer a simple solution to unlock your mobile phone! Certainly, the biggest asset of this method is its speed. Side tariff, it depends on the model of your mobile phone.

Once your phone is unlocked, you can choose the mobile package tailored to your needs regardless of the operator.

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